About Me

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.11.44 PMIf I had wings I’d be flying…
If I could only find the ground…

Originally from the outskirts of Canada’s capital Ottawa, I was privileged to run through over 187 acres of fields and see the sunset every night. ‘A free spirit, I narrowly made it into this world, born 3 months premature along side my twin. Nicknamed “sweetlady” on my unnamed incubator (in case I didn’t make it), this 1.2 oz baby girl was baptized twice and read my last rights by the priest before I ever even left the hospital. My mother used to say holding me was equivalent to the weight of  a pound of butter in your hands. She said doll clothes fit my tiny size the best. I have been running, writing and dancing through life ever since. But not without some unbelievable events that would nearly take my life several times. It took me until the 5th car accident to figure out why someone or something was trying kill me? I had to become my own fem 007 Bond into my own life to ask the questions, track the clues and figure it all out. 5 car accidents (the 6th one “sailed” over my head and car”), one shotgun hostage and seeing the big “G” in the sky could not all be coincidence. Could they? The results scared me to death. They can also help you start living the life you have always wanted and actually, have already written. You just need to get back on the right page.

Something in your life not going your way? Flip it! Flip it good!


• On deck (Listen here) : Running to Stand Still by U2
• Locale: By the fire on a new autumn day
• State of Being: So much to say all at once…

Music Lover: U2, DMB, Van Morrison & Jazz • Dark chocolate & Sea salt • Yoga • Live music, beaches, forests & fires • Fall is my favorite season • I love wholesome eclectic. I also love luxury  • I love kids • Eco-friendly • Uber Health • gourmet • delicate intention •


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