Christmas Fishtail – The Fifth and Final Car Accident …Almost

“Where’s Katie? Where’s Katie?”

My Dad was yelling into the belly of the van that was now headfirst deep into a typical deep Canadian winter ditch far off the road. We had skidded, fishtailed, nose-dived off the road and flipped and rolled.

“She’s in the corner Dad, underneath you. You’re on top of her.”

My Dad had fallen out of his seat and dropped down – or up – wherever the van was at this point.

It was two days before Christmas and we were on route to pick up the family dinner and last-minute Christmas gifts in town.  The road leading out of the cottage in this winter wonderland was gravel and snow-covered. There was a thick sheet of black ice under this one portion that could not be detected. My father was driving, I was seated passenger right and my twin was behind us in the first row of seats. The last thing I remember was the van slipping a bit right, and I started to say The Our Father under my breath. Been here before. Again, happened automatically quietly in my head. That’s all I remember. I don’t remember seconds before that and I don’t remember anything about the accident at all. Not the swerving, the fishtailing, my father’s correcting, nothing.

Apparently, we hit black ice and Dad did what he could to keep us steady on the road, but it was too slippery and the van caught a bad patch and after slipping and sliding we flew off the road and nose-dived hard and deep into a deep section of ditch off the right side of the road. It was one of those van with the long narrow nose where the front windshield is. The impact was enough to shatter the rear window and all of the contents in the back of the van came flying forward, past my brother, through the front and out the windows. The contents were scattered all over the snow bank like a windstorm had come through. Fortunately my brother and father were not too badly injured. Mt grandfather’s incredibly heavy steel toolbox was in the rear and when it came flying forward at mock – 80mph or what have you, it hit him in the ankle hard. It didn’t break, but definitely the biggest black eye of a bruise on his ankle!

Once my brother and Dad located me, I wasn’t conscious. They had to get me out. My father was on top me though and the van was flipped on it’s side, so everyone’s sense of gravity was a bit off and I imagine disoriented and in shock from the flight we had just had. Tim was able to get out of the door not on the ground and when in the front driver’s side to help get my father out. Then I think my brother went in and got me. I had been thrown forward and was tucked in the corner with my seatbelt keeping me in. I don’t remember any of this whatsoever. My brother and Dad helped get my body out. None of us have any idea how much time had passed since the accident started, our flight and coming to. My first dizzying waking point, was trying to open my eyes, but the world around me was spinning at such an untolerable speed that everyone time I would open one eye slightly, I’d shut it immediately to avoid the nausea that wanted to stop the speed.

The local mailman had been on his route and happen to come down this quiet country road. He saw the went to pull over his car, but he too put his car in the ditch. Obviously, some pretty slippery roads. My brother put my in the front seat of the mailman’s little car – some kind of hatchback. I kept trying to open my eyes, but the world was still spinning at mock whatever and now I was in this tiny car that seemed to make it worse! I peaked open one of my eyes and could see blood on my right hand. It was cold. I was cold. My hands were winter-red cold, damp and I was shivering. Why was there blood on my hand? What cut me?

“There’s blood! There’s blood. Where is is coming from?”

My brother looked around me. “Where is it? Where do you see it? Is it anywhere else?” he asked.

“I think just my hand. I can’t keep my eyes open to see…”

To be continued…


Getting closer to the beginning…
Happy Autumn!
My favorite season…

~ Kate


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9/11 – John McClane and the Power of Intuition

Where I was on 9/11 and other tales of the power of our intuition…

 I was staying at my ex-boyfriend’s home and had a flight booked on September 11, 2001 in the morning at 8:45am.

“Meh, I’m going to stay another week and cancel my flight.”

And so I did. I had no reason to in particular. Nothing came up that I needed to attend. Would anything of happened to me? Nothing serious. Nothing compared to what did happen; however, I would have been stuck in an airplane, stranded on the tarmac for arguably most of the day all the other planes that were.

I remember exactly where I was when I became aware of the Bruce Willis movie. I walked out of the bedroom, passed the tv and remembering saying to myself,

“I’m not going to turn on the tv today. Too much tv watching this week.”

{ I’ve never been much of a tv watcher and have rarely had one all these years. When someone does have one – well – it can be a little addictive and sedating, say like, sour cream and onion Pringles. How does one NOT finish the cardboard cylinder? }

I walked into the kitchen not two steps, and thought { or the devil on my shoulder thought } –

“Oh – just a little. We’ll see what’s on.”

It was about 10 to 9am and I turned on the tv to see the movie Die Hard.  It wasn’t the time to watch Diehard – that’s  a nighttime movie (one of my favorites I might add). I turned the channel – Diehard. Another channel – Diehard.

“Why the flip is Diehard airing on like every channel. Something must be wrong with the television and I’m hitting the same channel over and over again.”

And then I saw the infamous CNN ticker tape that would run through millions of minds for months to come, day in and day out, imprinted on our brains – normal as our Digitized red digits on our alarm clocks flashing us to wake every morning.

It was 8:48am when the first pictures of 911 were aired on tv. It wasn’t the movie Diehard airing, it was pure insanity. I just remember standing there in shock, thinking this has to be a joke, this can’t be real. This is a movie, computer animation…an April Fools joke. I really thought it was April fools joke put on by the networks. It was on every network. Only it wasn’t April 1. It was Sept 11. Everything went through my mind to try and make sense of seeing this plane hit the first Twin Tower. Every channel I turned to was airing the same image, over and over again. Not all the stations could airing the same computer animation special. Then the second plane hit.

I couldn’t believe it. I finally flumped on the couch after standing, pacing watch the horrific images come in.

My God!  I was suppose to be flying out this morning. Well, I guess I wouldn’t really have being flying anywhere. I’d be sitting there in the plane (which I hate. I’m always the last to show up to the desk. Why wait on a plane, when you can wait on a sudo-comfy chair on in a more roomy airport).  3,300 commercial flights and 1,200 private planes re-routed to airports in Canada and the United States over the next two-and-a-half hours. Ohhh. And then it hit me. Wow, I thought to myself and I cancelled my flight. Holy shit! I cancelled my flight last night. That’s insane. Crazy. How did I know?

Then I remember thinking that I thought my cousin lived and worked in New York. I wasn’t sure because she had spend years in London and traveling with her work, I just wasn’t sure. Or maybe I was, and I didn’t want to be right. I called my twin and told him to turn on his television and at the same time said,

“Doesn’t Meghan work in New York?”

“Yah, she does. I’ll call Joe.” Joe was Meghan’s brother living in Toronto. My twin called Joe,

“Is your tv on? Turn on your tv. Where does Meghan work?”

“New York.”

“Where though?”

“Twin Towers.”

I’m sure silence fell over the phone. Meghan was really the only close cousin I knew who even lived in the U.S.

I don’t think I’d ever heard of the Twin Towers. I do know the size of New York City and how many buildings there are. I didn’t think the chances of her working in the ones that were all over the news was remotely possible.

“….She’s in Paris…Business trip. She’s in Paris. She’s not in New York right now.”

Can you imagine? The chances? Of all the cities, of all the buildings, my cousin is working in the one plastered all over the news. Thank God she was in Paris. Her company was not so fortunate. She was in a cafe in Paris when she saw the news. She was in shock. Crying. Strangers came over to her, tried to reassure her. Asked if there was someone with her. Someone she could be with during this time.

I heard other stories not as close to home. One more recently of someone who was working in the Twin Towers who went out begrudgingly for a smoke break. Then the first plane hit.

Best smoke of his life right? He stills smokes. ‘Not going to quit apparently. Going out for that ciggy It saved his life.

I’d argue it wasn’t the habit of smoking that saved his life, but his intuition. If it wasn’t smoking, I’m sure something would have urged him to get out of what was about to happen as I’m sure did for many. The smoking habit that day helped.

Your intuition works. Use it.


“Where is John McClane when you need him?”

God Bless all those affected by 911. Especially the children who lost parents and loved ones.

Happy Birthday P.A.,
A friend who shares a birthday with the infamous date known now simply as 9/11,

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