Teasing and Toying the Good News to Me – Torture!

He was disinterested, disassociated and seemed to be disintegrating in front of my very eyes. “Could I see the labs?” He got up and showed me to a cramped room of itty bitty mac  beige computers (remember those?).

I stood there and looked at him behind his desk and his hoarder war of a library that towered over him in some stereotypical Woody Allen flick. He was disinterested, disassociated and seemed to be disintegrating in front of my very eyes. “Could I see the labs?” He got up and showed me to a cramped room of itty bitty mac  beige computers (remember those?). There only seemed to be 25. “You share them with the second years he said. They get priority. There’s not enough to go around. I kinda made up my mind at that point and asked a few meaningless questions, said thanks and left. Well at least I investigated. At least I knew this wasn’t what I wanted. I returned home.

I waited for my Sheridan and Algonquin letters of acceptance or refusal to come. I took a job at a local high end family run sports retailer called Tommy & Lefebvre. I waited for my letters.  I got an apartment with two friends who were a couple from a camp I worked at in my teens. We happened to run into each other and reconnected after 10 years. So did they as boyfriend and girlfriend. Life is funny. The world is small. Every day of the weeks I thought I would hear from the college. I called home to my roommate at 415 to see if the mail had arrived with a letter from Algonquin. Everyday no letter. One day, I call and I ask my roommate, “Ernie, the mail. Did you get the mail today?”

“No not yet,” he said.

“You didn’t? You’re in the house. You didn’t pick it up on the way in?”

“Oh wait. Maybe I did.”

‘Ernie. Come on….did you or didn’t you?”


“Of you did, you did, you toying with me. Is there a letter from the Gonq?”


“There is! I can hear from your voice. Stop kidd’n me. Ernie! Open it! Open it!”

“Just a sec. Let me see” He’s shuffling through the mail and I can hear the envelope shifting through his hands. Meanwhile I’m in the telephone at work during my shift standing at a pillar. “Ernie! Come on!”

“Oh, look yes there is one here from Algonquin. Algonquin college right?

“Yes Ernie! You know that. Come on, you’re killing me! Open it!”

“I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. Open it.”

“Nahh. It says it’s addressed to Katherine Flood.”

“Ernie, that’s me! Open it!”

“Ahh. That’s illegal. Opening someone else’s mail.”

“Ernie Semaj. You open that mail now or else….you have my permission!”

Silence. And I don’t hear a letter being torn.

“Ernie! Did I get in? did I get in?…Ernie! OPEN itttt! You’re killing me!”

At this point, the staff has collected around me, knowing that I have been wanting and anticipating this moment since I was in grade six, over and above my years spent at university, this is what I always wanted!

“I gotta go o the bathroom.”

“Ernie! No you don’t. You’re just playing with me. Please tell me….what I didn’t get it?”

Ernie goes to the bathroom. I hear the toilet flush. I am tearing at the post in front of me. I give my fellow staff look of waiting, a look of I’m dieing here of desperation. My roommate is killing me and I’m going to kill him when I get home! (lol. Kidding). He comes back to the phone.

‘Ernie Semaj if you don’t tell me…”

“Dear Katherine, Thank you for your interest in the graphic design program at Algonquin college. We pride our selves in the education of…

‘Errrrnnnieee! Get to the point! Yah or Nah! Tell me. Now!”

“Ughhh….let me see….I got to read here to see….ah! Here we go…

Every inch of my being clenched in excitement and anticipation to leap into the air! I wanted this my whole life. 876 people applied worldwide for this year. Only 50 are accepted.

“You’re application has been accepted!”

“Woo Hoo! Yes!” I screamed. I jumped for joy. I dropped the phone right there and then and it hit the wood banister it was mounted on. I danced on the spot. I did the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Oprah couch dance on the couch dance.  I grabbed my peer and danced and jumped up and down for 5 minutes straight! Elation people. Elation. Great feeling. Have you felt it?

I was so happy. Nothing could shake my happy.  I had 2 weeks to respond. I worked my full time job for two weeks. Every day I was excited, but every day I woke in pain. The shooting pains in my hands worsened…

When was a time in your life that you were uncontrollably excited? Did you do the Cuba Downing Jr. dance? The Tom Cruise dance?

Doing the Happy Dance!

Listening to: Your love is King” – Sade
Locale: Starbucks @ Chapters/Indigo  – still here.
State of mind: Getting tired.

© 2012 by Kate Flood. All rights reserved


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