Seeing My Life Flash Before My Eyes – A summary

This is a summary so far as and an expansion on some details before I move onto the next piece of the mystery. { Seen below are new pics of the “View to a Kill” Shotgun Hostage bridge in Manotick }

Ok. Now what? I started with my story with Porsche 911 car accident that happened in my second year of University at Queens. To me the single most traumatic thing I experienced amongst the colourful ray of accidents and being held at gunpoint at 15. With the exception of the shotgun incident, I consciously remember feeling like, “Holy shit, I’m going to die” as the car went over the bridge on the wrong side of the road thinking of car coming over and SMACK! In reality, that experience was even worse, after speeding over the bridge on the wrong side of the road, we were about to come back to the right side of the bridge and could have gone over surely to our death. The horrific site of that hydro pole, actually saved us. It’s also the only time I consciously remember seeing my life flash before my eyes during the experience, like a little movie, with music and everything, so to me, according to other people’s experience that was near death, and I was on my way to die.

I told a little of my experience of what happened after words. Some of my experience after with having pain and my ex not having insurance to cover physio, and me struggling through communications/ film school with whiplash and the complication of my braces being put on at the same time and an impacted tooth. Then I went back in time and told you about being held at gunpoint at 15 over a bridge in Manotick, the first time I was allowed to bike into town on my own with a girlfriend.

The shotgun very scary as well, but no life flash, but absolute bloody terror and all the experiences you have in your nightmares of wanting to move your feet to save your life, but their stuck to the ground frozen and wanting to scream you bloody head off in terror “Don’t shoot me. Please don’t kill me. Please don’t pull that trigger.” Also, add in the choice I was given, and both meant death. He’s wavering and pointing a shotgun at my head threatening my life with it and at the same time yelling, “Jump off of the Fucking bridge!”. Not the best selection of choices. Particularly for a fifteen yearold. In those minutes, I was thinking, I want to live, I’m going to die. I’m going to die here and now from some strange man on a a crazy tirade, here on this bridge in Manotick while his girlfriend sits in a cheap white rabbit hatchback? Seriously? Where is my mother? Where is my father? Where are my brothers? I haven’t finished highscool! I haven’t had a boyfriend! I haven’t made it pass 2nd base! Hello Universe, this is not my time!

Then in current time, as my birthday was approaching, I decided to go back in time to the time my parent met where it all began and then to my miraculous birth. Now what? There is a method to my madness. Trust me. I’m going to write a little synopsis of the goings on between those years and what happened next. To what started me to start probing the questions of my existence and why all the attempts at my life, the pain, the chaos…

After the accident at Queens my life took an awful dive. I had whiplash that kicked in exactly one month later just as the MD told me it would and I assured him I was fine. This is extremely common in car accident victims. And I tell everyone person I meet who has said they’ve had an accident and told their insurance company they’re fine, to wait. To wait a month or even two before declaring anything, because there could be a lot more going on then they realize. I struggled to hold my neck up in class attending arguably the worst program for some with whiplash – film studies for my communications degree where there are 4 hour labs where you watch and evaluate some of the weirdest films all time. It’s hard to hold your head up for a few seconds let along minutes. My ex had no insurance to even have the car on the road, so there was no money for physio, and I was living on my student loans and my part time job at the university department of alumni affairs office.
To be continued…

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