A broken Ventilator, a Nameless Crib and 2 Baptisms…

The Story of my Miraculous Birth Continued…

{ Baptism Celebration at Home • Manotick, 1974 }

I must have made up my mind, because 15-20 minutes later, I was born. I recently came home for thanksgiving birthday weekend to see recipe cards my mother had written with a few details of our birth. My father had found it and I had never seen it before. It’s really neat to see old stuff, all the more if you’ve lost a loved one, seeing her handwriting has the power to just put you back there in front of her reading it.  After she wrote the time and distance between my twin and I’s birth in parenthesis she had written, (The longest 15 minutes of her life!). Hilarious! I was born, but not off the hook by any means.

The doctors were not able to place me in my mother’s arms as per the norm, but in order to save my life placed me in a mechanical ventilator. As soon as they placed me in it the damn thing it broke on them! Can you imagine? I can just hear the semi sighs of relief that they finally got me out after 4 days, but they have to keep me alive and then to put me in a piece of equipment designed to keep me alive and it breaks! I think this next move it is  funny one. They a look at my brother who was doing ok in his ventilation machine and immediately took him out of his and placed me in his ventilator! Love it. (Sorry bro!) I don’t know when my father was invited back in. I do know that on top of this 4 day labour my mother had to go and have surgery.

{ My “2nd baptism” @ the church • Mom and Dad holding me • Ottawa, 1975 }

You see, one of the reasons her water broke is that she her gallbladder had ruptured. I don’t know the details of the following days except that Tim and I were placed in incubators to keep us alive and to help our tiny bodies grow. My parents were not allowed to hold us either yet. I would like to find out more details, but essentially we stayed in those glass incubators for weeks that turned into months. My mother had her surgery and eventually returned home and my father to work.


There’s another entry coming as I chopped this one in half.

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