1/2 } Pilot’s Licence for a Porsche

{ Chapter 1 – Excerpt #2 }

{ “The Porsche 911 Accident”  }

Pilot’s Licence for a Porsche

‘My mother said, “Geez Martin, who ever was in that car didn’t make it out alive.”  The two of them looked at each other, clued in and my father put to the pedal to the metal.’

“Katie, Katie. Where is my daughter? Nurse, please. Where is Kate Flood?” My mom is standing a fluster near the foot of my bed. I am wheeling my self out of the washroom and trying to respond to her but my voice seems to get lost in the air. I don’t know why I couldn’t’ talk very loud. My throat kind of hurt, but I didn’t remember screaming for very long. “Mom, Mom, I’m right here. Mom!” She turns and sees me. “Oh Katie. God. Are you ok? Honey where are you bleeding. Is this your blood all over the sheets?” I’m ok mom. I mean, I’ll be fine. Yes, it’s my bed, but I think it’s Alex’s blood. I don’t know.” I hadn’t looked in the mirror in the washroom on account of the height. Little did I know that in an effort to protect my skull, the one place on my body that did get cut up was my mouth. I’m not sure how, but the force of something banged my arms into my mouth pretty hard. The windshield of the car had completely blown out of the car and all the glass fired into my mouth and scalp. My mouth was cut up pretty bad from the glass and the rest of it was in my mouth and had gone down my throat. To make matters worst, I had just had braces put on. The dentist left off the tiny yellow elastics that cover the sharp metal brackets on my teeth, so with the impact my arms had lodged all four quadrants of my gums onto my brackets. That’s why I was having a hard time talking. How the heck are they going to come off?

My mother was asking where Alex was and if he was ok. I told her they seem to be ignoring us. She found Alex in the bed adjacent to mine. The cops had been going in and out for some time and with the haze I was in I was just concentrating on myself. My mom went to his bedside. He was still bleeding really bad. “Doctor, doctor, can we please get some help over here. He is bleeding profusely. Alex had cut the artery in his neck. Probably a piece of glass that went hurling at him. His neck was just spewing blood everywhere.

My father appeared. I remember feeling sad, like I had disappointed them. Mom had disappeared and had been gone some time after the doctor came and finally stitched Alex up. I remember the first doctor came and said, “Oh, I can’t do this. I’m a resident, this is to big for me.” My mother was like, “Well, Get on it then. Get the doctor please.” After my mom made sure Alex was being taken care of she seemed to be gone for some time. “Where’s mom?” I asked my Dad. “Oh she’s outside.” “Outside, I’m thinking, why is she outside?” I hobbled over to the ER sliding doors. When I got near the sensor the ER doors slid open to reveal my mother  slumped on the concrete, bowled over. “God, mom, what are you doing? Are you ok?” She was surprised to see me, “Katie, honey, I’m fine. Go back inside. I’ll be in in a minute.” Hmm, strange I remember thinking to myself. Probably having a smoke. Why was she on the ground though? I would later find out she had been pretty much been stuck there like glue hurling. Nerves. Damn straight I guess. This is how they’re part of the night unfolded. When the nurses called my folks at their hotel, they were obviously surprised to receive the call. “Mr.Flood? Your daughter’s been in an accident.” said the nurse. “An accident. What kind? Well is she alright?” my father asked. “I’m sorry but we cannot give any details. Car accident. Please come to the Kingston General Hospital.”My mom and Dad got out of bed stunned and the two of them stood swaying on either side of the bed not going anywhere. Shock kicking in.“I guess we better get going then.”

The accident happened on the busiest weekend of the entire Queen’s year, Alumni Weekend. Queen’s no doubt has gone down in history as having the most rebel rousing football game and weekend of festivities for it’s students and alumni. It has since been squashed significantly to maintain the health and safety of everyone on campus. My father happened to be there for his 25 year MBA Reunion. I don’t think he’d been back until this reunion. It just so happens that along side the rest of the alumni, my parents were staying in a hotel right off the 401 and the main thoroughfare – Division road – where the accident happened. They got in the car and took off, no doubt in a haze. Katie doesn’t have a car they said to themselves. Oh, must be Alex visiting from Ottawa. Great – thats all we need. They drove down Division road bridge, as they drove up the hill, the there wrapped around a hydro pole was a car wreck.  It was Alex’s porsche 911. The accident had turned into a bit of a road show for all the passerby’s wanting to see their dream car, a Porsche 911 Targa wrapped around a hydro pole. Yup, I said a hydro pole. That’s what brought us “slowly” to a halt. As mom and dad approached the wreck, they slowed down. My mother said, “Geez Martin, who ever was in that car didn’t make it out alive.”  The two of them looked at each other, clued in and my father put to the pedal to the metal. He was driving the cherry Voyageur mini-van, but I wonder if he was imagining he had the pick-up of his ’67 Stingray Corvette. Speed demons never die.

When they made it to the hospital and my mother saw the blood stained sheets and me nowhere to be seen, well, you can imagine what went through her head and why she was laid up on the concrete outside the ER. The doctor came over finally and told me my leg wasn’t broken. He said these things can feel like they’re broken, but that I was just severely bruised by the impact of the hydro pole. He gave me crutches. “Now then, to deal with you’re mouth.” ‘What’s wrong with my mouth doc?” “Your braces have latched onto your gums. I am going to have to get them off.” “Ahh, geezuz.” I quipped. “I can’t get at your gums because your mouth is lodged around them, so I’m sorry, this is going to hurt a lot, but I’m going to have to put this freezing needle through your face. “Holy fuck!” (I don’t know if I said that then, but I’m saying it now). It’s going to hurt because normally these are for your teeth, but we’re going to have to put it through the skin on your face and then through to the gums behind.” he said non-chalantly.  It’s going to hurt and you’re not going to get any relief until I get through your gums. “Ahh Geezuz.” The doctor put the needle in my upper right side, my upper left side, my upper left side and my lower right side. ‘Fuck-goddamnnnnn – it hurt. Shit. Four times. Nice. Thanks. Great, now I’m kill’n everywhere and now I can’t even talk –wahhh! Take me home now please.

I think we waited for Alex. My parents took us back to their hotel. I told them Alex was on his own. I don’t remember sleeping much even though I was so exhausted. My neck was so sore. I could hardly stay in one position for a second. At one point there was some guy going ape-shit outside our hotel room. All I could hear was someone yelling and cursing blood curdling blasphmies at the top of his lungs. “Mother-fucking. Fuck. Fuck. Fuuuck…..Ahhhhh…whap…whap…..” The guy seemed to be hitting the ground with something. Maybe he was channeling the Queen’s Engineering frosh by banging his leather coat on the ground? Wait. Mystery solved. I know that voice. It was Alex. Taking out some anger on the lawn I guess. That will teach him not to have bald tires on his car. You see, Alex had a history with cars. He had rebuilt this Porsche this past summer, all summer long. ‘Bought the car, completely rebuilt it complete with brand new engine and $500 Targa insignia detailing all to total it on…his first test drive to Kingston. He also didn’t have automobile insurance….to even have it on the road. Smooth move ex-lax. Smooth move. And you took passengers in it? Your first love? My roommate Carrie was with us when we left the car. We – thankfully – dropped her off on the way down Division road to get gas. Carrie and been in the front of the car and I squished in the back. I quiver to think what would have happened had we both remained in the car. I was so thankful she was home safe and sound. She had quite the surprise when I arrived the following morning and had wondered where we were the rest of the night.

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